AIR Free-446 portable license free radio

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It is that simple and tough. Designed for fast-paced industries.

Durable and Water-resistant.

With polycarbonate housing and aluminum die-cast chassis, the Free-446 is built
for greater protection. And thanks to its sealed case, it offers reliable performance in severe weather and environments.

Extreme Long Battery Life

The full 1,800 mA Li-ion battery pack makes 34 hours working time for greater productivity when the battery save featur is ON.

Thanks to the tough and textured buttons, chunky rotary channel, volume knobs and tricolor status LED. In addition, two programmable buttons can be set to give immediate access to the four most often-used features, making communication even simpler.

Talking Compatibility

As it’s possible to pick frequency and CTCSS/DCS privacy codes channel settings, the radio can operate on the same channels with the same coded squelch tones as other business radio brands. So purchasing the Free-446 will not impact on any previous investments in radio equipment.

Compatible Accessories

Compatible with existing original Motorola accessories, your investment.

Quality Audio

750 mW audio power output and unique audio box structure design make Free-446 providing clear crystal audio and ideal for a noisy environment. The Free-446 is equipped with a large speaker offering a full audio output, while tailored response characteristics provide optimum clarity even in noisy environments.

16 Channels Capacity

Lock out interference and annoying breakthrough from other stations on the same channels by choosingfrom one of 44 CTCSS tones (6 CTCSS tones could be customized by the users) or from one of 174 DCS codes ( 6 DCS codes could be customized by the users) on one of the 8 preprogrammed RF channels in the PMR446 allocated frequency range. Up to 16 different channels with privacy code sequences can be programmed into the radio.
Programmable Function Side

Buttons with Hold The side buttons can be programmed for enhanced operating ease, while the adjustable Hold feature doubles the number of functions at your fingertips.




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